What Is Paypal? – Benefits Of PayPal

What Is PayPal

What is paypal
What is paypal

Paypal is a financial company, where people send and receive money one account to another paypal. Paypal is used to purchase through Online stores, send and receive money. Its not only use for money transfer it’s also use to convert any currency to your local currency. Paypal works worldwide to grow business.

Many online stores and shops pays and accept money through PayPal because of its easy to use interface and quick sending process. You can send or receive money through Mobile number or email which is registered on PayPal.

Today I’ll share What is Paypal? how works paypal and its benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits of PayPal

PayPal is a financial company and works worldwide to spread business. PayPal has many benefits which you want to know.

PayPal is an easier and safest way to send or receive money without reveal and personal details. If you are a retailer or customer, you and send or receive money through Email or Mobile number. You can also send a payment link to receive Money.

PayPal has Credit and Debit card option to pay or Request money. Now purchase through online stores now easier. But remember you must have to activate International Payment option to send or Receive money through Debit or Credit Card.

PayPal have great feature to send or account money worldwide. You can receive or send any payment of any currencies to your local currency. It helps to gain more customers all over the world.

PayPal has no hidden charges means you can use PayPal without pay Processing Charge, annual charge.

If you are talking about PayPal customer support, is good. PayPal has Phone and email to contact them.

Where PayPal is Used?

Paypal works internationally and give services worldwide. Most of website which pays on Dollar is use PayPal. Also PayPal convert it in your local currency and send it in your Bank account.

Many people used PayPal for send and receive an International transaction. Just send PayPal email or Mobile number, money will be sent to your account.

Paypal works all over the world thats why many online shops using PayPal as a payment method and grow their business.

Some time you need Credit card to payment International transaction. If you haven’t Credit Card you will not complete your Transaction. In this situation you have an alternative option to use PayPal.

Many affiliate company pays through Dollar. If you are not an US citizen you will not receive your Payment directly. In this time you can use Paypal for receiving Dollar or other Currency.

Disadvantages Of PayPal

Every coins have two side, also PayPal has many advantages and some disadvantages also.

PayPal bank verification process is too longer. PayPal send 2 small deposit to your bank to verify. It takes 4-5 days to complete the process.

PayPal accapt many currency to send or receive payment. But many important currency is excluded on PayPal and there citizens can’t find them.

PayPal deduct 2-3% for non PayPal payments which is very expensive for customers.

Friends we are talking about What is Paypal? How and where PayPal works? And Disadvantages of Paypal? If you understand you can share with your friends.

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